The Sea

A true Eden preserving its biodiversity, this stretch of coastline, only accessible by sea, extends to Punta Infreschi and Marina di Camerota.

The waters are crystal-clear, teeming with marine flora and fauna, likely due to the karst nature of the rocks and the presence of underwater freshwater springs.

The establishment of the Park has preserved the area’s remarkable scenic value and ensures an exceptionally low level of pollution, rarely found elsewhere.

Highlights include the mesmerizing Blue Grotto, Noglio Grotto, Cala Bianca, Infreschi Grotto, San Lazzaro, and the secluded Masseta beaches.

Boat owners will find their paradise here; the sea life is vibrant, with numerous varieties of fish, octopuses, sea anemones, brittle stars, sea cucumbers, and starfish, clearly visible even to novice divers.

Six-hour fishing boat trips to the coastal beaches are available for booking.

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The Two Beaches: A Secluded Paradise

Discover the hidden gems of ‘The Two Beaches’, secluded and pristine, the perfect escape from the bustling city life.

The first beach, just steps away from cozy beach huts, offers comfortable loungers and umbrellas for its visitors. It also features a dock for boat mooring and buoys available for vessels.

The second beach is a treasure waiting to be discovered after a ten-minute walk through the woods, unveiling breathtaking views of the Gulf of Policastro. Along the trail, find several rest spots with sun decks and scenic overlooks.

A unique attribute of these beaches is the calm sea, making it a family-friendly destination, especially for those with young children.

Overall, ‘The Two Beaches’ offer an exciting and memorable beach experience, ensuring a peaceful and serene atmosphere.