La Francesca was created 60 years ago, anticipating the current standards of sustainability.

Lanscape impact

La Francesca is immersed in a well-kept and maintained wood to ensure shade and coolness (also the sun soon sets behind Mt. Bulgheria), in a unique ecosystem little modified by human presence.

Land monitoring

La Francesca is provided with a water regulation system, capable of withstanding heavy rainfalls without damage. The bungalows are built on pilings and do not block the water flow towards the sea. All this to prevent hydrogeological instability.

Waste collection

We practice the waste separate collection, thanks to the precious collaboration of our guests.

Water management

La Francesca helps to keep the waters of our bay unpolluted. Wastewater is not discharged into the sea, but clarified in a purification plant and dispersed into an area of the wood through an underground irrigation network which contributes to the maintenance of a green belt that protects us, even in high Summer, from possible fires.

Respecting local flora and fauna

The flora and fauna have maintained a particular biodiversity we try to preserve by controlling the inevitable annoying insects with natural and organic methods.


Use of energy saving lamps (in a limited quantity to avoid light pollution). An evening walk to the second beach in the dark is perfect for admiring the starry night, the skyline of the Policastro Gulf, the lights of Maratea and the Calabrian coast in the distance.